AppCoda Weekly - Issue #8

Welcome to the 8th issue of AppCoda Weekly. This week, we want to talk about mobile analytics. Are yo
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #8
By AppCoda • Issue #8
Welcome to the 8th issue of AppCoda Weekly. This week, we want to talk about mobile analytics. 
Are you wondering which feature of your app is indulging most of your user? Do you know which is the most hit tab of your wonderful app? If you want your users love your app, you will have to better understand how they use your app. In order to so, you will need to integrate some kinds of mobile analytics in your app. So don’t miss our new tutorial on Mixpanel, one of the most popular analytic platforms for mobile.
We also collected quite a number of useful articles and tutorials. Spare some time this weekend and learn something new!
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Integrating Mixpanel Analytics into iOS App for Tracking User Events - AppCoda
In order to so, it is inevitable that you have to integrate some kinds of mobile analytics in your app. And, Mixpanel is one of the most popular mobile analytics platforms.
Introduction to Closures in Swift 3
What are Closures? What is their purpose and function? How is it different from a Function? Do I use the right Syntax? Well…read on!
Container View Controllers
Container View Controllers can ease the problem of handling the Massive View Controllers in iOS development by splitting your app into parent and child view controllers.
How to trigger actions on swipe in UITableViewCell using UIScrollView
It is pretty easy to implement swipe-for-actions in table view cells using UITableViewRowAction. Adrien, the author of this tutorial, wants to go a little bit further, and trigger actions as the pan gesture.  •  Share
Swift Integer Quick Guide
If you’ve not given Swift Integer types much attention until now, there is a good reason to read this post.
Intro to Generics in Swift with Bob
A very well written article about generics in Swift. If you do not know what generics is, you should check this out.
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RSS App Template - Building an RSS Reader app without coding
You don’t need to be an expert. This Xcode project template will help you build a Blog or RSS Reader app quickly and easily. Now supports Xcode 8 and iOS 10.
Case Study: Toonie. Coding UI Animation
The collaboration of UI designers, motion designers and iOS developers working over animation can be seen in this case study for Toonie Alarm. Take this step-by-step guide on how animation was created for the app.
5 Best Practices for Mobile UX – Prototyping: From UX to Front End
Promotions on mobile screens can easily overwhelm important information and other UI elements, making navigation difficult. What’s the best practices for mobile UX?
Overcast 3: Design walkthrough
Get a glimpse of designing aspects of the all new Overcast 3 right from the goals to the Now Playing screen with a new card metaphor, Playlists, episode info, and podcast screens. Compare the Old design to the new design for some of the basic functions like Playing, deleting, queuing. With much nicer ads, the new version is a huge update to the older one.
GitHub - malcommac/Hydra: Promises & Async/Await
Hydra is full-featured lightweight library which allows you to write better async code in Swift 3+.
10 New IOS libraries Which You Must Try in 2017
This is a nice compilation of all the libraries released in the recent past and have received much appreciation. Some of these feature already in our past newsletters but this is still a nice one-stop compilation. 
Animated Graph which you can include in your application to show information in more attractive way.  •  Share
An iOS passcode lock with TouchID authentication written in Swift.  •  Share
How I lean startup’d my way to $240k+ on the saturated App Store – Rob Caraway
Always remember to validate your idea before building your app if you want to start an app business.
Release of Swift 4 is in the pipelines. What can we expect from this major release. A nice sneak peek!  •  Share
Pushing the Boundaries of Swift to the Server
End-to-end Swift opens the door to radically simpler cloud app development. It is easy to work with Swift on the server with the IBM Swift Sandbox. This article introduces IBM Cloud Tools for Swift beta app, which simplifies the management and deployment of server-side assets using a local development environment and complements a Swift developer’s familiar Xcode environment.
Featured App Developed by Our Readers
Tilista - Your Twitter lists' best friend on the App Store
Developed by Jose Enrique, Tilista is an app to read your Twitter lists. Jose studied Economics and worked in marketing for 5 years. Three years ago Jose started to learn programming, particularly Swift with our Swift books. Since 2015, Jose’s dream of working as a self-taught developer came true. And, “Tilista” was published last month!
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