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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #74
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Have you watched the WWDC 18 keynote? In the keynote, Apple talked about several major platform updates including the announcement of iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave and tvOS. If you’ve missed the talk, no worries. You can download Apple’s official WWDC app and watched the replay of the keynote. 
In brief, here are some of the major announcements for iOS:
  • iOS 12 will come with ARKit 2 that adds several improvements including shared experiences, 3D object detection, and persistent experiences. With shared experiences, you can now share the same AR space with other devices. This empowers developers to create an even more engaging AR experience for their users.
  • Apple also introduced a new open file format known as USDZ (Universal Scene Description) for AR objects.
  • Siri has been improved to let you create shortcuts. You can now use a built-in Shortcut app to create the shortcut. For example, you can create a phase “Heading home” as a shortcut. And you can define a series of actions to associate with this shortcut. Say, send a message to mum, play your favorite song and show you the next bus schedule. So, next time when you speak “Heading home” to Siri, the assistant will help you execute the predefined actions.
  • Facetime now supports group call (up to 32 people)!
  • Messages app now comes with more Animoji, plus you can define your own Memoji.
  • Apple introduced a new tool for Machine Learning training called Create ML. And you can train your models using Playgrounds.
  • Is Apple planning to merge macOS and iOS? The answer is No!
  • But Apple is working on a multi-year project to bring UIKit to macOS. This will make developers easier to port their iOS apps to macOS. You can expect this will come to developers in 2019.
This is just a recap for some of the highlights specifically for iOS 12. For the full keynote, you can watch it here.
With the annoucement of the new updates, we got questions from readers about our book updates. As always, we will definitely update our books for iOS 12. If you already purchased iOS 11, you can get the update for free later this year.
And if you’re still considering whether you should buy the books, we want to make your decision a little bit easier. As a celebration of the WWDC week, pick any of our Swift books and use the offer code “wwdc18” at checkout to enjoy an extra 20% discount. Remember this already includes the iOS 12 book updates! But you have to act fast, this discount code ends on Jun 8 (23:59 EST).
Stay tuned. We are testing out Xcode 10 beta now and will start to play around with the new APIs. There will definitely more new tutorials to come!

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