AppCoda Weekly - Issue #7

Welcome to the 7th issue of AppCoda Weekly. This week we added a new section called App Showcase in t
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #7
By AppCoda • Issue #7
Welcome to the 7th issue of AppCoda Weekly. This week we added a new section called App Showcase in this newsletter. Each week, we will feature an app published by one of our readers. And, in most cases, the app featured is the very first app that the reader developed after going through our learning materials. So, other than reading the tutorials we collected around the web, don’t forget to check out Diana’s app and show your support.
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Getting Started with Fastlane for Automating Beta Testing and App Deployment - AppCoda
Let’s face it – provisioning, certificates, beta testing, unit/ui testing, and app submission is nuisance, to say the least. We all know it’s true. In fact, developers often spend hours of their sought after time wasted on these tedious activities…what if there was a better way?
My iOS Development Toolkit 2017 – iOS App Development – Medium
This is a curated list of iOS Development Tools, Websites, Services and Frameworks that the author is using.
Providing a unified Swift error API – John Sundell – Medium
A nice technique when using the Swift do, try, catch error handling model, to limit the amount of errors that can be thrown from a given API call.
A lot of features in Swift aren’t bridgable with objective-C. This post discusses creation of separate types that help bridge Swift types to Objective-C and vice-versa.
Building iOS App With VIPER Architecture – Mindorks
Do you know what VIPER architecture is? This article will walk you through VIPER and how you can apply the architecture when building iOS apps.
Swift Hashable
To use a type in a Set or Dictionary it has to be Hashable which means providing a hashValue property. Let’s see how to make your custom type hashable.
Refactoring Singleton Usage in Swift
Singletons are discouraged and avoided in the software development field. They make code reuse difficult and cause innumerable issues. But what do you do when their use becomes unavoidable in certain circumstances.
Xcode Tricks: Adding Keyboard Shortcuts — Erica Sadun
One of the great things about Xcode is that you can add custom keyboard shortcuts for just about any command. Adding shortcuts lets developers run these common tasks without lifting my hands from the keyboard and selecting items from a menu. It’s a big time saver. Check out this great article to learn more about keyboard shortcuts.
Build an iOS, watchOS and tvOS framework with a dependency using CocoaPods
A nice tutorial on how to make a framework that supports iOS, watchOS, and tvOS with realm as the dependency.
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RSS App Template - Building an RSS Reader app without coding
You don’t need to be an expert. This Xcode project template will help you build a Blog or RSS Reader app quickly and easily. Now supports Xcode 8 and iOS 10.
App Showcase
Dance Animation
Developed by Diana Arustamyan, a student from Moscow Financial University, Dance Animation is her first app. 
Animation is powerful when used in a sophisticated ways. It adds life to any design, engages users in even the most routine tasks, and of course make you stand out from above the crowd. Well-designed animations make the experience feel crafted.
The swipe-to-delete function is the most widely used function in apps today. However, there are a lot of anomalies associated with how it is used and what is the right way to implement it. Find out more in this article.
Useful Libraries / Code Samples
GitHub - Dance: A Radical and Elegant Animation Library for iOS
With the Dance animation framework, creating an animation for a view becomes an effortless exercise.  •  Share
PanelKit is a UI framework that enables panels on iOS.  •  Share
GitHub - WCLShineButton
Want your app to shine like a star? Try the WCLShineButton UI lib for iOS.  •  Share
If you wish to add transition effects while scrolling from one item to another, UICollectionViewLayout subclass is the simplest to use.  •  Share
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