AppCoda Weekly - Issue #34

Xcode 9 beta 6 and iOS 11 beta 7 have been released for a few days. If you didn't aware of that, it i
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #34
By AppCoda • Issue #34
Xcode 9 beta 6 and iOS 11 beta 7 have been released for a few days. If you didn’t aware of that, it is time to upgrade your Xcode 9 to the new beta version. 
As always, you can find a great collection of tutorials for your weekend reading. In particular, we release a new tutorial on ReplayKit. In case you need to add screen recording feature to your apps, you shouldn’t miss the tutorial.
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Introduction to ReplayKit: Building a Simple Screen Recording App in Swift
ReplayKit is not a new framework in iOS 11 but it is usually overlooked by developers. If you want to implement screen recording feature in your apps, check out this tutorial.
Core ML With iOS/Kitura Swift
: A Comparison Study With Watson Service
Really interesting. By integrating Kitura in the iOS App, you can make the service available for use with any external device. You can also find a comparison of Core ML with Watson Service.
Dealing With Complex Table Views In iOS And Keeping Your Sanity
Quick tips to deal with complex table views and also good pieces of advice to apply on all your table views.
Swift In Android Apps
It is a well known fact that there is no sharing of code between the iOS and Android ecosystems. There is a possibility that model, business logic and network code can be shared between Android and iOS when it is written in Swift.
Replacing Legacy Code Using Swift Protocols
It is always a good practice to refactor your code from time to time. John showed you a technique for refactors and replacing legacy code.
DRY String Localization With Interface Builder
Great applications should have great localization as the users will appreciate an option to use apps in their native language. This article shares an approach to localize those resources.
How to Use the iOS Tooltip Menu in Your Own App
You’ve probably seen this tooltip control in some of Apple’s default apps or when editing text on iOS. This tooltip actually has a name, UIMenuController, and can be customized and used in your own app, although the API can be kind of hard to grasp.
Using Swift Codable With Property Lists
Swift 4 and iOS 11 brings us the Codable protocol as a way to convert a type to and from an external format. The most popular format may be JSON but it also works great for old school Cocoa property lists.
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Free Update for Swift 4 and Xcode 9
All our books come with 1-year free update. That means you will receive a free book update for iOS 11 in October if you purchase the book now.
Intermediate iOS 10 Programming With Swift
We just released a new chapter of our Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift ebook. You will learn how to build an Instagram-like app with Firebase.
How UI/UX Cultivate Trust
Based on research and several conversations with UX practitioners, here is a checklist of eight practices useful in encouraging trust amongst users online.  
Bringing Sketch and After Effects closer together
Sketch2AE is a Sketch plugin and an AE script that passes artboards from Sketch to After Effects as shape layers and editable text without the need for external files.
The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Product Redesign / 2.0
Launching a new 2.0 or design gives product teams the rare chance to reignite that new-user-high. This post has a collection of  the very best tips to launching a product redesign, along with some great examples.
Bank Card Generator with Swift using SnapKit DSL
Shell Game built with ARKit and SceneKit  •  Share
Handwriting numbers recognizer for Siri Remote  •  Share
App Development Costs: The Ultimate Guide to App Budget by App Type - Savvy Apps
Building an app? Get an idea of how much app development costs with this ultimate guide of app costs by app type.
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