AppCoda Weekly - Issue #3

Welcome to the 3rd issue of AppCoda Weekly. One big news this week is that Apple has released the fir
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #3
By AppCoda • Issue #3
Welcome to the 3rd issue of AppCoda Weekly. One big news this week is that Apple has released the first developer beta of iOS 10.3, and it comes with some important changes that you wouldn’t expect. One major change is the switch from the current HFS to APFS (Apple File System), a new file system that will be available to all Apple platforms including macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS.
The other change, which is a fantastic news for developers, is that you can now let users provide ratings in your apps. In iOS 10.3, developers can use the SKStoreReviewController API to ask users to rate the app without switching to App Store. 
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Allow Users to Provide Ratings From Within Your App  - News and Updates - Apple Developer
iOS 10.3 introduces a new way to ask customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews for your app. Using the SKStoreReviewController API, you can ask users to rate or review your app while they’re using it, without sending them to the App Store. You determine the points in the user experience at which it makes sense to call the API and the system takes care of the rest.
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