AppCoda Weekly - Issue #28

Welcome to AppCoda Weekly Issue #28! We got a large collection of links for your reading. Spare some
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #28
By AppCoda • Issue #28
Welcome to AppCoda Weekly Issue #28! We got a large collection of links for your reading. Spare some time and learn this weekend.
In case you don’t know, Apple has released Xcode 9 beta 3. Download it and use it to try out the brand new Vision framework. This week we wrote a tutorial about the framework. You will learn how to use it for text detection.

Using Vision Framework for Text Detection in iOS 11
Vision framework was introduced in iOS 11. This introductory tutorials explains how it works, and how you can use it to perform text detection in Swift.
Modelling State In Swift
Let’s take a look at some techniques that can make it easier to write code that handles and reacts to state changes - to make it more robust and less error prone.
Stack View Custom Spacing
Learn how you can create stack views with custom spacing between views in iOS 11
The Easiest Way To Get A URL For Your Apple Wallet Passkit Pass
Natasha walks you through the way to get a URL for your Apple Wallet Passkit pass.
Faster Logins With Password AutoFill In iOS 11
In this post you’ll learn how to speed up the login process and improve user retention with Password AutoFill, a new API introduced in iOS 11.
#44 Watch Your Bluetooth!
Starting from watchOS 4 you can benefit from Core Bluetooth and connect up to 2 peripherals from your apps.
The Future Of Teaching With Swift Playgrounds
Programming is becoming a more important skill for everyone to have, not just professional software engineers. Playground book is a very good way to help people learn programming.
Natural Language Processing In iOS
The NSLinguisticTagger is a very powerful class, with lots of possibilities for developers to make their apps smarter and more aware, by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods.
How We Built An iOS App To Shoot A 3D Video (Case Study) – Smashing Magazine
A case study about the creation of the Stereo Video Recorder app which allows users to shoot a 3D video simultaneously with two different iPhone cameras.
Keep Things DRY
A demonstration of protocol oriented programming
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Get Ready for iOS 11 and Swift 4
All our books come with 1-year free update. That means you will receive a free book update for iOS 11 this fall if you purchase the book now.
Intermediate iOS 10 Programming With Swift
We just released a new chapter of our Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift ebook. You will learn how to build an Instagram-like app with Firebase.
Design Better Forms
Forms are one of the most important components of digital product design. This article focuses on the common dos and don’ts of form design.
Color Tool
Google had introduced a tool named Color Tool, which is one of the best sources to create attractive UI by choosing color schemes that include darker and lighter variations of your primary and secondary colors.
Small Elements, Big Impact: Types And Functions Of UI Icons. | Tubik Studio
The article focused on the role of icons in user interfaces and different aspects of their classification: check different types of icons for web and mobile.
A simple Swift framework for building reliable Bluetooth LE apps.
YapAnimator is your fast and friendly physics-based animation system. YapAnimator was built with ease-of-use in mind, keeping you sane and your designer very, very happy.
ZIPFoundation is an effortless ZIP Handling in Swift.  •  Share
How Often Should You Update Your App?
How often to update your apps has always been a hard decision. This post focuses on the different options but also suggests to update as often as possible depending on the resources available.
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