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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #230

AppCoda Weekly - Issue #230
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Have you checked out all the WWDC videos? In coming weeks, we will introduce some of the new features of Swift and SwiftUI with detailed tutorials. This week, let’s first take a look at a number of new features for SwiftUI List view.
Please stay tuned. We will cover other new APIs next week.
Talk soon,

SwiftUI for iOS 15: How to Add Swipe Actions and Hide Line Separators in List View
What’s New in WWDC 2021 for iOS Developers?
Introduction To Async/Await In Swift
3 Ways Of Styling SwiftUI Views
Core ML Background Removal In SwiftUI
SwiftUI Patterns: View Closures
How To Change Tab Bar Item Font When Selected In Swift
Avoiding Problematic Cases When Using Swift Enums
Combining Network Requests With Combine And Swift
Advanced Argument Parsing For A Swift-Based CLI Application
Checking If Device Is Locked (Or Sleeping) In iOS
Core Data In Memory Store
What's New In Swift 5.5?
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Mastering SwiftUI
4 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your iOS App UI
Emojis And Accessibility: How To Use Them Properly
Drawer Blog - Visual Design Principles in UX
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