AppCoda Weekly - Issue #22

Welcome to AppCoda Weekly Issue #22! At AppCoda, we can't wait for the WWDC that will begin on Jun 5,
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #22
By AppCoda • Issue #22
Welcome to AppCoda Weekly Issue #22! At AppCoda, we can’t wait for the WWDC that will begin on Jun 5, though we were not able to get the tickets. 
It’s quite sure Apple will announce Swift 4 and iOS 11. Some readers have asked us if we will update our Swift books for the upcoming version of Swift and iOS. Absolutely. As always, we will update the books once Apple officially releases the new version this fall. And if you purchase the books now, you’ll receive a free book update at that time. And, use this offer code “wwdc17” at checkout to receive an extra discount before Jun 5.
Talk soon, and enjoy all the amazing tutorials we’ve collected.
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Building a Full Screen Camera App Using AVFoundation - AppCoda
A massive tutorial on AVFoundation. Let’s see how to build a full-screen camera app using the framework.
Warning Converting Optional To String
This short and precise post suggests two ways to remove the warning which comes anytime you rely on the default conversion of an optional value to a String in Xcode. 
What's New In Swift 4.0
Hands-on code examples to help you learn what’s new in Swift 4: new encoding and decoding, smarter keypaths, multi-line strings, and more!
5 Easy Dispatch Tricks
Swift Dispatch offers a great way to schedule and control concurrent code. Here are five easy ways to improve your Dispatch experience.
UIDebuggingInformationOverlay is a private UIWindow subclass created by Apple, presumably to help developers and designers debug Apple’s own iOS apps. Try it!
Using @autoclosure When Designing Swift APIs
Let’s take a look at how we can use @autoclosure in our own code, and how it enables us to design some pretty nice APIs.
iOS: How To Build A Table View With Collapsible Sections
This is the second part of the tutorial series on Table View with multiple cell types. In this article, some changes have been made to make the sections collapsible.
Fake AppDelegate For Unit Testing In Swift
In iOS development you may risk side effects every time you run unit tests for your application. For this reason, a fake AppDelegate is a good way to enhance your tests as shown in this informative post.
Sourcery is a tool to generate code, using your written templates, using metadata from your production code. In this tutorial, Miguel explained how he implemented automatic bridging from Swift to Objective-C using Sourcery.  •  Share
Using Google Analytics In Your App Without Any SDKs
Normally you install the Google Analytics SDK in your Xcode project in order to use it. In this tutorial, Kristian Andersen will show you how to feed data into Google Analytics without using its SDK.
Avoiding Third-Party UI Libraries
There’s been some discussion recently in the iOS community about pros and cons (OK, mostly cons) of using third-party dependencies. So, should we avoid using third-party UI libraries?
Houzz: a UX case study –
Houzz is an interior design app that has thousands of furniture inspirations for users to express their styles. In this post, the author demonstrates how she improves the app UI design.
Floating Labels Are Problematic
Floating labels in text fields might be an attractive approach for saving space in form design but there are several problems with their design that impact usability.
Tooltips: How To Design The Small But Powerful UI Pattern
Tooltips are footnotes to your product and when designed to give users control and value, tooltips can be an elegant and powerful solution to driving engagement.
Is “Instagram Stories” Killing Snapchat?
This post gives you the difference in UX flow of Instagram stories vs Snapchat and compares the two. Although both apps trigger users to upload and view photos/videos, but they do it in a completely opposite way.
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Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift 3
Get ready for Swift 4 and iOS 11. All our books come with 1-year free update. That means you will receive a free book update this fall if you purchase the book now.
Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift | Learn by Doing
It’s not just about the theory or syntax of Swift. This intermediate book (over 600 pages) will help you learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 8/9/10 in a practical way. It is regularly updated. The book is now updated for Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3.1
This is a very simple IBDesignable UIImageView with pinch zoom, written in Swift.
MarkdownView is a WKWebView based UI element, and internally use bootstrap, highlight.js, markdown-it.  •  Share
Bubble Pictures, a cool way to present images for iOS done in Swift
3D Touch: Bring Your Apps To A New Dimension
This video is about the 3D Touch APIs. Take a look at 3D Touch and how we can integrate this into our app using five different integrations.
Apple’s Swift Playgrounds coding app now supports robots, drones, and toys - The Verge
Apple announced that its education programming iPad app, Swift Playgrounds, will soon support robots and drones. That means young kids and students will be able to write their own Swift code to control any number of real-world toys and machines.
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