AppCoda Weekly - Issue #21

Welcome to issue #21! Have you heard of the Accelerate framework in the iOS SDK? There are a number o
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #21
By AppCoda • Issue #21
Welcome to issue #21! Have you heard of the Accelerate framework in the iOS SDK? There are a number of frameworks hidden in the SDK that you may have used it before. This week we will talk about the Accelerate framework, and show you how to use the APIs for vector and matrix calculations.
In less than two weeks, Apple will announce Swift 4 in the WWDC. We are really excited about the updates and can’t wait to see what’s new. Once we got the beta version of Xcode 9, we will start updating our Swift books.
We have collected a lot of great links this week. Spare some time this weekend and read some of the tutorials.
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Introduction to the Accelerate Framework in Swift - AppCoda
There are several underused and not-so-popular frameworks hidden in the iOS SDK. Some of them can be useful and time-saving tools. The Accelerate framework is one of them. Let’s check it out.
Playground: Whatʼs New in Swift 4
You can run the playground now in Xcode 8.3 and don’t have to wait for the first official Swift 4.0 beta, which will probably come as part of Xcode 9 at WWDC. Install the latest Swift snapshot from is all you have to do.
Swift One-Line Type-Checking Lasting 27s
Have you experienced this issue in Xcode? At some point that autocomplete totally stopped working and the indexer was constantly spinning. Take a look at this post to find out the solution.
YOLO is a clever neural network for doing object detection in real-time. This post describes what it took to get the “tiny” version of YOLOv2 running on iOS using Metal Performance Shaders.
Loose Coupling Using Default Implementations in Protocol Extensions
This tutorial demonstrates how to use protocols with default implementation to clean out and decouple the AppDelegate from third party libraries.
Going Without the Flow - Exploring Collection View Layouts
In this tutorial, you’re going to learn about how the collection view layouts work and the layout lifecycle.
Stack View Baseline Alignment Issue
A horizontal stack view can align text based views on the first or last baseline of the text. Unfortunately the stack view ends up with an incorrect height when the first text view is not the view that extends furthest above/below the baseline. This problem can be handled by adding some extra constraints as shown in this article.
iOS: How to build a Table View with Multiple Cell Types
Table Views with dynamic cells and that have different content types: the number, order, plus the cell types are dynamic. Take a look at how you can implement it.
Getting Started with Xcode UI Testing in Swift
Writing and running UI tests is kind of different from doing unit testing, as you are actually interacting with your app, rather than performing programmatic tests against a certain API. Both have a lot of value, and the best approach is to use both for different tasks.
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Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift 3
Get ready for Swift 4 and iOS 11. All our books come with 1-year free update. That means you will receive a free book update this fall if you purchase the book now.
Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift | Learn by Doing
It’s not just about the theory or syntax of Swift. This intermediate book (over 600 pages) will help you learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 8/9/10 in a practical way. It is regularly updated. The book is now updated for Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3.1
Practical Guide To Creating Custom Animated Loading Indicators
With a bit of imagination and the handy tools found in Sketch and Principle, you can create a unique loading animation that matches the design of your app which helps manage expectations of the users and improves the user experience by maintaining their interest.
Great Mobile Apps & Why They’re Successful: A Case Study
Success is measured differently in all spheres of life, and even differs from one individual to the next. When it comes to apps, some developers expect nothing less than thousands of users everyday, while others are happy with a few hundred. So why are these apps so successful?
UX Designers: Here are the 56 Best Websites To Learn Something New
An informative post with a list of online courses covering UX Design and related topics.
GitHub - M-Hamed/photo-editor
A photo editor written in Swift
A modern loading indicator for iOS 10  •  Share
A library to recreate the iOS 10 Apple Music now playing transition  •  Share
Report: iPhone 8 to feature Touch ID directly on the OLED screen with optical fingerprint sensor | 9to5Mac
The iPhone 8 is expected to be a radical update in both functionality and appearance, with a stainless steel and glass chassis. The screen ratio is very likely to change from 16:9 to 18.5:9.
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