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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #208

AppCoda Weekly - Issue #208
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Just a quick note about the update of our Intermediate Programming book. It’s almost ready. If you owned the iOS 13 version of the book, you will receive an email notification later this month.
Again, hope you enjoy the collection of tutorials this week.
Talk soon,

How To Instrument SwiftUI App
How To Refresh Header/Footer With Diffable Data Source
How To Specify Fractional Digits For Formatted Number String In Swift
SwiftUI App Architecture
Understanding @inlinable In Swift
Opening Hyperlinks In UILabel On iOS
What Type Is Self In A Swift Self-Executing Anonymous Closure Used To Initialize A Stored Property?
Swift Mocks Without Protocols
The Ultimate Guide To Loops In Swift
Reading From The Window In A SwiftUI Lifecycle App
Builder Pattern in Swift for Beginners
How To Monitor System Calendar For Changes With EventKit
Still Using NSNotificationCenter? Try These Alternatives
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Mastering SwiftUI
10 Financial UX Design Trends Of 2021 That Will Transform Digital Banking
GitHub Dark Mode Is Too Dark
16 Innovative UX Practices For The Perfect Login Form
Micro-Interactions In UX: The Art Of Subtlety
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