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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #205

AppCoda Weekly - Issue #205
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Apple has officially released Xcode 12.3. We received a couple of questions regarding this release and our SwiftUI book. The code and content should work with this latest version of Xcode. Having that said, we will retest all our demo projects to ensure they are compatible with Xcode 12.3.
Do you know you can use TabView in SwiftUI to create a horizontal scrolling view with pagination? In this week’s tutorial, we will look into a new style of TabView introduced in iOS 14. On top of that, we also collect tons of great tutorials for your weekend reading.
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SwiftUI Tab View: Building a Paged Scrolling View with PagedTabViewStyle
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Widgets On iOS
Reducing Memory Footprint When Using UIImage
Formatted Localizable Strings
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Adding Views And Modifiers To The Xcode Library
Focus Management In SwiftUI
UIStackView Padding
Sorting Swift Collections
SwiftUI Dark Mode — The Easiest Way
Stacks, Grids, And Outlines In SwiftUI. What and When to Use?
How To Deal With Modal Views with SwiftUI
Watch Me Refactor To MVVM In Easy, Proven Steps Without Thinking
Ads/ Sponsored
Mastering SwiftUI
5 Tips For Mobile App Design
Design For Sales: 10 Creative UI Designs For Ecommerce
6 Practical Tips - Typography System Creation
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