AppCoda Weekly - Issue #2

Welcome to the 2nd issue of AppCoda Weekly! We have collected various tutorials for your weekend read
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #2
By AppCoda • Issue #2
Welcome to the 2nd issue of AppCoda Weekly! We have collected various tutorials for your weekend reading. And, don’t miss the useful libraries / sample code at the end of the newsletter.
Unfortunately, we are still working on the second part of the Firebase tutorial. Hopefully, we can publish it early next week. 
Talk soon.

View Controller Containment to Inject Empty Views – Mohammad Azam – Medium
What happens (and this happens a lot) when the Server returns no data for a request in an iOS application. The user must be notified of the same and there are a couple of interesting ways of accomplishing it.
Naming Things in Swift - Ash Furrow
What’s there in a name? How should you approach naming conventions in Swift. Whether you should be concise or verbose or both. Check out this wonderful blog post.
A new tool from LinkedIn that can help us with all of this by running multiple iOS Simulators in parallel, simultaneously. Let’s check it out.
Swift 3 and Comparing Optionals
Sometimes, changes in Swift can come more quickly than the Developers can fathom. Take for instance, the recent change about Swift 3 not being able to directly compare two optional values whereas Swift 2 did it using Xcode 8. How does one deal with such changes?  
Creating a Compelling Today Widget | Inside PSPDFKit
App extensions are extremely helpful and popular when it comes to Apple’s ecosystem. They not only add to the overall user experience but also contribute to a great design. In that spirit, learn about creating a Today widget for PDF Viewer.
While it is totally discretionary to write tests in iOS apps, it has a great value in testing the strength and integrity of your code. It is even more important in scenarios where you or a small group of developers is responsible for testing the application.
What is best approach to writing tests for your app? Find out. 
Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers
If you’ve ever faced issues setting up and using core data in iOS, you are not alone. However, Apple has now made it easier. Instead of using the standard boilerplate core data setup code, you can use NSPersistentContainer. Check out how.
Learn how to use key path to access a heterogeneous dictionary.  •  Share
Best Practices for Long Scrolling
Long scrolling feature is today a mainstay of most applications for its ability to render scrolling easy and intuitive, especially on smaller screens. However, there are certain practices that must be adhered to so as to make long scrolling effective and user-friendly.
Using science to make truly tappable user interfaces - Scott Hurff's Blog
What size buttons were easiest to use on a touch screen for one-handed use?
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Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift | Learn by Doing
It’s not just about the theory or syntax of Swift. This intermediate book (over 600 pages) will help you learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 8/9/10 in a practical way. It is regularly updated. Lately we have updated the book with a new chapter about Firebase.
Working with Auto Layout Visual Format Language and Programmatically Creating Constraints - AppCoda
Constraints can be set in two different general ways: Graphically and programmatically. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to work with layout constraint with visual format language.
"Watch Your Language!": The Road to Cleaner Code with SwiftLint
A clean and clutter-free code is important. However, focussing too much on it can lead a developer to miss out on the real task of writing code and developing apps. Enter SwiftLint; a tool that does the cleaning job for your code while you focus on writing the code itself.
Useful Libraries / Code Sample
GitHub - aslanyanhaik/Quick-Chat: Real time chat app written in Swift 3 using Firebase
Quick Chat for iOS is a real time chat app based on Firebase developed by Haik Aslanyan and written in Swift 3.  •  Share
GitHub - onevcat/Hedwig: Send email to any SMTP server like a boss, in Swift and cross-platform
Hedwig is a Swift package which supplies a set of high level APIs to allow you sending email to an SMTP server easily.  •  Share
Project with example of how to use the parallax.  •  Share
Resources - iOS Human Interface Guidelines
The Apple UI Design Resources now include Photoshop and Sketch templates, and other UI materials for quickly designing iOS apps.
Apple News Format updated with new HTML list stylings and a new Design Tutorial | 9to5Mac
Apple has announced a new update to their Apple News Format, which is used by publishers on the Apple News platform.
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