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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #199

AppCoda Weekly - Issue #199
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If you’ve followed this newsletter for more than a year, you know I attend the iOS Conf SG every year. Just like any other conferences, due to COVID-19, iOS Conf SG 2021 will go online. While I would miss the opportunity to meet the speakers and developers in person, I think this online conference would allow more people to attend. Early-bird ticket sale starts from Monday. I hope to see you at the conference.
As always, enjoy another collection of the iOS programming tutorials.

Firebase And The New SwiftUI 2 Application Life Cycle
Swift KeyPaths Under A Different Optic
Automating App Store Localized Screenshots With XCTest And Xcode Test Plan
Declarative UICollectionView List Header And Footer
Accessibility In iOS 14 Widgets With SwiftUI
Implementing Multi-User Support In TvOS 14
What Is @escaping In Swift Closures
DiffableDataSource With CellRegistration For iPad Sidebar
iPhone 12 Screen Sizes
The Magic Of Redacted Modifier In SwiftUI
Formatting Dates In The User’s Locale Using DateFormatter In Swift
Ads/ Sponsored
Mastering SwiftUI
How Motion UI/UX Helps To Increase Attention Span Of Users
Improving Our Design System Through Dark Mode
Gamification In UX Design: Designing Fun Experiences For Serious Situations
Designing User-Friendly Data Tables
7 (More) Tips To Quickly Improve Your UIs
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