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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #194

In iOS 14, Apple introduced a lot of new additions to the SwiftUI framework like LazyVGrid and LazyHG
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #194
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In iOS 14, Apple introduced a lot of new additions to the SwiftUI framework like LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid. But matchedGeometryEffect is the new one that really caught my attention because it allows developers to create some amazing view animations with a few lines of code. This week we will look into this new modifier and see how it can help you simplify the implementation of view animation.
We’ve already finished the update of our Mastering SwiftUI book for Xcode 12 and iOS 14. If you purchased the book before, you should already received an email and get the latest version of the book for free. If you haven’t purchased book, we will run a special promotion next week. Stay tuned.
Again, hope you enjoy the tutorials we collected for you!

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