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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #193

iOS 14 and Xcode 12 are officially released. In Xcode 12, you may notice a change in the project opti
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #193
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iOS 14 and Xcode 12 are officially released. In Xcode 12, you may notice a change in the project options for new projects. By default, Xcode sets the User Interface option to SwiftUI, which is the new UI framework.
One recent question about our “Beginning iOS 13 Programming with Swift” book is:
“I can’t find the ViewController.swift file after creating a new project. Why?”
If you recently purchased our beginner book and used the latest version of Xcode, please make sure you change the User Interface option to Storyboard. This will switch back to use Interface Builder for designing UI. And you should find those ViewController.swift files.
We are hard at work to update all our books for Xcode 12 and will release the updated books in the next couple of months. The Mastering SwiftUI book for iOS 14 and Xcode12 will be available next week. Please stay tuned with the release.
As always, we have a large collection of great tutorials for you this week. Spare some time this weekend to upgrade your development skill.

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