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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #166

With the release of Mastering SwiftUI, we got a the following question from a reader: "Can I learn Sw
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #166
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With the release of Mastering SwiftUI, we got a the following question from a reader:
“Can I learn SwiftUI using Swift Playgrounds for iPad?”
We don’t use to recommend Swift Playgrounds for iPad as the learning tool of iOS programming. If your goal is to build a real app and make it available on the App Store, you need a Mac to run Xcode.
Swift Playgrounds is a great app for newbies to learn the basic programming concept. But, it’s not the real development tool. 
That said, I am really curious about the possibility of learning SwiftUI with Swift Playgrounds for iPad. To find out the answer, the best way is to experiment it. I tried to write a simple Swift UI demo entirely using Swift Playgrounds for iPad and see if it works.
I wrote up a new article sharing the whole experience and showing you how to use SwiftUI on Swift Playgrounds for iPad. If you/your friends have an iPad and want to try out SwiftUI, I encourage you to follow the procedures to create the app and let me know your experience.
As always, we included a large collection of iOS programming tutorial. Hope you enjoy them and stay safe!

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