AppCoda Weekly - Issue #15

Have you upgraded to Xcode 8.3? You might notice that the binaries created is much larger than that o
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #15
By AppCoda • Issue #15
Have you upgraded to Xcode 8.3? You might notice that the binaries created is much larger than that of Xcode 8.2. Apple has recently released an update of Xcode 8.3 to fix this issue. If you haven’t upgraded to Xcode 8.3.1,  it’s time to update it.
Again, our team has collected a lot of useful tutorials for your weekend reading. Hope you will enjoy them!
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An Introduction to SpriteKit Part 2: Actions, Sequences and Gesture Recognizers - AppCoda
In the first part of the SpriteKit tutorial series, we discussed about scenes, nodes, labels and points in SpriteKit. Now comes the second part!
Swift Retention Cycle in Closures and Delegate – Bob the Developer
Let’s understand [weak self], [unowned self] , and weak var
Using Swift's Attributes
Attributes improve the efficiency of your codebase, without sacrificing the quality of your code. Jordan Morgan, iOS at Buffer, created a short guide to Swift’s attributes.
Memory leak in Swift: Assigning a function to a closure | Marisi Brothers
Assigning a function to closure property creates a strong reference to the owner of the function potentially creating a retain cycle. The question is how can you break the cycle?
Reflectable enums in Swift 3 | iJoshSmith
A great example how you can apply Swift’s Mirror API.
Learn how to customize the animation when new collection view cells are being inserted. 
VisualKit: UI Framework – Jobandtalent Engineering
This post will try to explain its main parts, how it coexists with the main project and the benefits and downsides of having a separate UI framework.
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Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift 3
Learn Swift & iOS Programming with our beginner book. This book has been updated for Xcode 8.3, Swift 3.1 and iOS 10.3.
Intermediate iOS 10 Programming with Swift | Learn by Doing
It’s not just about the theory or syntax of Swift. This intermediate book (over 600 pages) will help you learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 8/9/10 in a practical way. It is regularly updated. Lately we have updated the book with new chapters about Firebase.
Implementing Push Notifications on iOS with Firebase - AppCoda
It’s pretty easy to implement Push Notifications with Firebase. Let’s check it out!
Before you can master design, you must first master the fundamentals
Good visual designs aren’t born. They are made. The key to becoming a better visual designer is rigor. You will only improve as a visual designer if you make a conscious effort.
Here are some fundamentals you should master so you can take your visual design to the next level.
16 Pretty Useful Tools & Tricks for Sketch – Hardik Pandya – Medium
Do you use Sketch to design your apps? If yes, don’t miss these useful tools and tricks for Sketch!
Typography can make or break your design: a process for choosing type
This article is designed to serve as a starting point for helping you learn how to choose type for your designs. It will encourage you to explore fonts and font combinations beyond those you’re familiar with.
Design principle: Consistency – UX Planet
Consistency is a key principle in life and in design. Without it we can’t get far. Even the mightiest of problems will fall if you keep hacking it everyday!
Libraries / Sample Code
GitHub - gliding-collection
Gliding Collection is a smooth, flowing, customizable decision for a UICollectionView Swift Controller.  •  Share
GitHub - c-Viorel/MBIcons
MBIcons contains over 200 icons that can be resized to any dimensions as they are drawn using NSBezierPath.
GitHub - SwiftyNotifications
Highly configurable iOS UIView for presenting notifications that doesn’t block the UI.
Spreadsheet CollectionViewLayout in Swift  •  Share
Apple Secretly Hired Diabetes Treatment Team, Report Says |
Apple has hired a team of biomedical engineers as part of a secret initiative, initially envisioned by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, to develop sensors to treat diabetes.
Apple updates TestFlight to enable testing of multiple app builds, 90-day beta periods
Developers will get more control over the testing of iOS apps, courtesy of an update to TestFlight that allows multiple builds of an app to be tested out simultaneously, as well as providing improvements to the way external app testers are managed, and extending the beta period time to 90 days.
Apple could be designing its own power management chip as well  |  TechCrunch
Apple already has planned to design its own graphics chip for the iPhone, but the company doesn’t plan to stop there. According to Reuters and German investment banks, Apple is putting together a team to design its own battery management chip for the iPhone.
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