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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #140

Earlier, Apply announced iPhone 11 and 11 Pro with better screen and cameras. Do you have plan to upg
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #140
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Earlier, Apply announced iPhone 11 and 11 Pro with better screen and cameras. Do you have plan to upgrade your device? For me, I’ll stick with my iPhone XS and wait for the next redesign.
iOS 13 is set to officially release on September 19. All our books are going to update for iOS 13. Of course, if you purchased the iOS 12 of our Swift books, you’ll get a free update. On top of all that, the existing books will be fully updated for SwiftUI, plus we’ll publish a whole new book that solely focuses on the SwiftUI framework. We’re still working on the book updates and this brand new book. Please stay tuned.

Vision Framework: Working with Text and Image Recognition in iOS 13
Dark Mode - How To Support Dark Mode For iOS 13 Using Xcode
Introduction To Machine Learning For iOS Developers
Swift Defer Statement
Implementing VIPER Architecture Pattern For iOS
Picking The Right Data Structure In Swift
MetricKit Internals. Insights Into Your iOS App Performance.
Migrating From CocoaPods To Swift Package Manager
Dark Mode On iOS 13
How To Integrate The Dual Camera Video Recording Feature In Your iOS App?
Timsort And Introsort: Swift's Sorting Algorithms
Replicating Facebook's Draggable Bottom Card Using Auto Layout
Protocol-Oriented Programming: The Best Tool Of Expert iOS Developers
Ads/ Sponsored
Beginning iOS 12 Programming With Swift
Designing Dark Mode
30 Things We Often Forget When Designing Mobile Apps
The Ultimate Guide To Proper Use Of Animation In UX
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