AppCoda Weekly - Issue #14

As you may know, we’re celebrating the fifth year of AppCoda this week with special discounts and giv
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #14
By AppCoda • Issue #14
As you may know, we’re celebrating the fifth year of AppCoda this week with special discounts and giveaways. Just a kind reminder that we will end the giveaways and birthday discounts in less than 12 hours.
If you want to have a chance to get a t-shirt or a copy of “Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift” ebook, remember to follow the steps below:
2. Share and comment on this Facebook post (or this post if you do not use Facebook). Tell us if you want the t-shirt, the book or both.
Hope you love our special offer and giveaways. And, don’t forget to check out all the amazing tutorials we collected for you.
Have a great weekend! Happy reading.
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Celebrating 5 Years of AppCoda - AppCoda
Don’t miss our giveaways and special birthday discount! 
Implementing Push Notifications on iOS with Firebase - AppCoda
Push Notifications is a loud and powerful way for our apps to engage with our users. Let’s see how to use Firebase to implement Push Notifications in iOS apps.
Keeping XCTest in Sync on Linux
When you write a library that doesnʼt depend on any Apple-specific functionality, itʼs a good idea to test your code on macOS/iOS and Linux.
Avoiding Primitive Obsession in Swift
It’s all too easy to pass information around in your code as strings or ints, but this can soon catch up with you. Swift has a powerful set of protocols to avoid this situation, which can ensure your code is still well-modelled, whilst being easy to write.

Unidirectional Data Flow with RxSwift and RxRealm
Here is an example of using RxRealm with an online JSON API to show how to fetch JSON, store data on disk, and display it on screen easily with RxSwift and Realm.
You Probably Don't Want Enumerated
Got an idea when to actually use Sequence’s enumerated() function? enumerated() is misunderstood. Because it provides a number with each element, it can be an easy solution for a number of problems. However, most of those problems are solved better with other techniques.
Using Closures, generics, POP and protocols with associated types to create reusable API’s for your…
As an iOS Developer, most of the apps, you’ll build will have to get some sort of data from a server. Take a look at this tutorial to see how to create a reusable API for your networking layer.
Native app animations in Xcode using Sketch, After Effects and Lottie from Airbnb.
This tutorial takes you through setting Lottie inside After Effects and Xcode, creating and exporting vector assets from Sketch, animating and exporting them with After Effects before creating the Xcode project and building a working prototype.
How to Fade Out Content Using Gradients in iOS
Scroll views are a great way to get more content on a screen than can actually fit, especially for smaller devices. However, it can be difficult for users to tell that they are able to scroll for more content without some other visual indication. Fading out the edge of the content is a clean, simple way of hinting to the user that more is available. 
What Bots Can Do, that Websites and Apps can’t
Bots might not be useful until they do something exclusive which the user cannot find on the websites they visit or the apps they have already installed. Do you agree?
F-Shaped Pattern for Reading Content
Get to know everything there is to know about F-Layout in this well-written post. F-shapen pattern simply follows the common trends of the human eye so that you can optimize the structure of your layout.
GitHub - WrightsCS/WCSTimeline
Simple timeline with data model written in Objective-C.
GitHub - roberthein/TinyConstraints: Nothing but sugar.
TinyConstraints is the syntactic sugar that makes Auto Layout sweeter for human use.
It shows circular progress for different purposes like download, upload and timer progress.  •  Share
The Apple Mac Pro will get a new design in the next year — Quartz
Apple recently convened a small group of journalists at its headquarters to inform them that the Mac Pro, Apple’s powerful trashcan-shaped desktop computer will live.
How To Use A Facebook Messenger Bot To Promote Your Startup
Here’s how you can get the most out of Facebook Messenger chatbots in order to maximize their potential for promoting your start-up.
Swift on Android
Eric Wing gives you a conceptual understanding of how Swift works on Android and how you can use it
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