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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #129

Earlier, Apple dropped the first public beta of iOS 13. For a general user, dark mode is definitely t
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #129
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Earlier, Apple dropped the first public beta of iOS 13. For a general user, dark mode is definitely the biggest visual change in this release. By flipping an option in Settings, iOS makes everything dark! In dark mode, the mobile operating system automatically applies a system-wide dark theme for all apps and screens. Apple’s pre-installed apps like Mail and Calendar already look nice in this mode. But for apps developed by third-party developers, it will need some works to make the app support dark mode.
Federico Zanetello already wrote a great article on the topic, showing you what to do to support dark mode in iOS 13.  If you don’t know how to enhance your app to support this new mode, take a look at his article. And, this week, we also published a tutorial on how to preview app screens in dark mode on Xcode 11. Check it out to learn Xcode 11’s new preview feature.
Have a great day! Talk to you next week.

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