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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #127

SwiftUI continues to be the spotlight of all the new features introduced in iOS 13. You'll find a num
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #127
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SwiftUI continues to be the spotlight of all the new features introduced in iOS 13. You’ll find a number of SwiftUI tutorials, written by various developers, in this newsletter. I’ve been playing around with SwiftUI and the new Xcode Previews for a few days.
I love the declaratively way of creating UI. Though the first beta of Xcode 11 is quite buggy, it’s still fun to build UI using SwiftUI. Some asked if SwiftUI is going to replace storyboards. Definitely. It’s a brand new framework that lets you develop user interfaces with way less code and in a declarative way. But no worries. You can still use Storyboards to design UI in Xcode 11. Or you prefer to write code using UIKit, you still can do that, especially your app needs to support lower versions of iOS (SwiftUI only supports iOS 13 or later).
If you’re interested in learning SwiftUI, you can check out the tutorials we collected for you or the introductory tutorial we published last week.
We’re working on several tutorials related to the new frameworks announced in WWDC19. Stay tuned and talk to you next week.
Lastly, don’t forget to check out our sponsor this week. Semaphore helps you quickly set up automated testing and deployment for any iOS project.

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