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AppCoda Weekly - Issue #121

One of the frequently asked questions lately was when we would update our books for Swift 5. Earlier
AppCoda Weekly - Issue #121
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One of the frequently asked questions lately was when we would update our books for Swift 5. Earlier this week, we finally completed our review for the beginner book. If you’ve purchased the iOS 12 version of our book before, you should received our email about the update. Following the update of the beginner book, we target to complete the review of the intermediate book later this month. I’ll let you know when the updated book is ready.
I organized various Swift workshops and meetups in the past years. Some people I talked to were hesitated to learn Swift because they thought the programming language was rather new and not stable. Technology keeps changing. You can’t always wait for a certain technology to become stable before you start learning it. Even Swift is still evolving, everything you learn will apply to the new version of the language. The API will change. The syntax may change. But if you grasp the fundamental concept, you can easily adapt yourself to the changes.
Since you subscribed to this newsletter, I know you have some experience with Swift. Just in case, you have friends who want to learn Swift but heard of the complaint that Swift keeps changing. Please tell them Swift 5 is here and the programming language is pretty mature. Don’t wait for the next version. Start the learning now!

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